pre-pro-pos-prassi, ma soprattutto unPROfessional

Premessa: d’estate si sta che il dente duole sempre sul bagnato.

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oh so sunday #lunch😋, (qualcuno ha PER CASO visto un #pomodoro verde in giro? no perché l'ho perso non so dove😂.. ci volevo pranzare…😂) have you seen some green tomatoes arpund there because i lost mine!!!😂 i wanted them for my vol-au-vent with turkey cutlet and cauwlflower/fennels/scallion raw salad!!!!😫😂…btw have you seen the beautiful two movies onair yesterday on la7d? it's a pity we have to wait the middle of lonely summer to watch decent things on national tv… hahaha you can't trick me to dumb, tv, even if you're trying 😂 we fellow saturday evening homey pajamas afictionados people locked at home are happy to save just for ourselves the best pieces tv has to offer and schedule when they think NO ONE is watching…😒😷…surprise…I AM lalalallala…. i am there to enjoy and you italian tv let me tell you it is pure evil and idiot to think people would prefer better watch shit 364days a year…. this is the beauty of being NO ONE you can discover joy gems and even some culture when mainstream media and social masses are intentionally given the mediocrity….it's a pity… but we have the mind and the heart and the luck to chose what's best for ourselves,💙. in the end, please give back those green tomatoes if you see them thanks 😂 i can't stand red tomatoes i know i'm weird but once in a century i do eat them, i want them GREEN 😂. have great sun afternoon my ig friends, let's see when it's going to rain because🤔 will . see you next time🤗💙👋🏻😘 #instafood #lowcost #feedyoursoul #foodlove #foodpassion #huffposttaste #nourish #foodies #food4thought #realfood #intuitiveeating #instagood #happyisthenewhealthy #foodporn #foodphotography #foodblog #foodbloggeritaliani #thefeedfeed #onthetable #secucinatevoi #ifoodit #cucinatedavoi #lifestyle #tentarnoncuoce #healthy #don_in_cucina #cucinandoarte #topitalianfood

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Postpiazzata: I pomodori rossi non me li rifilate più. Io prometto che non mi ci rimetto a provare il foco/sfoco. Giuringiurello.


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