eightdaysaweek i lo-oh-oh-ove food, but now daytripping😁

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🦁oh so quick&tasty #lunch with #avocado, shrimps octopus mussels salad aaaaaand leftovers asparagus from yesterday i had a whole bunch and say bye bye to them now until next season, look what a beautiful colours of a #grapefruit i found 😍before when i cleaned the kitch, whyyyy did nobody pick it from the box😱 I DO🙌🏻 i🙋🏻DO! i rarely eat it dunno why i totally should more! now i'm going to auntiebounty WEend trippppping with 👭and definetely melt are they going to share me in the icecream flav offering spread lol i'm oh so #lowcost!!!!what would you be if you were an icecream? tell me tell if i had to choose i'd say i am a bananoffee with pinenuts inside but that maybe just doesn't exist😂. i wish i can stay out tonight for a little walk and relaxed lowcost dineout for i have been working a lot this week and i need a couple of hours timeout gift to make myself🙏🏻nothing special just…watching the sun going down and asleep🌔 and breath, if i arrange it.. see ya my ig friends have a great sat afternoon enjoy your everything🙏🏻🤗 💙 #nofilters #eatwhatYOUare #feedyoursoul #foodlove #foodpassion #huffposttaste #nourish #foodies #food4thought #realfood #intuitiveeating #instafood #instagood #happyisthenewhealthy #recipe #healthy #foodporn #foodphotography #foodblog #foodbloggeritaliani #thefeedfeed #onthetable #secucinatevoi #tentarnoncuoce #otcucino #lifestyle

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