Troppo titolo, santantonio d’un plugin!

🦁… homeeeee!!!!!! and it wasn't granted for sure because the everything happened in a couple of hour this morning😂latest one being the light in the apartment was shut down so i was on candle light (yes😒, candles, midsummer….midday…life is always surprising!!!😂) untill now and i'm lucky i saw the right hole to drain boiling water for my pastasalad! by the way…done in the blind darkness, when the light appeared also my #lunch y munchy was ready and i am soooo happy because i crossed the city to attend boring boring dues like mail deliveries, taxes, you know that "glorious" stuff everybody get up in the morning willing to do, don't you??? 😂 and now i'm in a hurry again cause they aren't end, oh my, the afternoon hot wheather is going to killllllllllll better i eat a good #salmon salad as my lastmeal before liquify as a meduse at the bus station….😂good luck to be and pranziboni have a great afternoon and please chill and hug the conditionator from me with love😂 see ya next time my ig friend, anybody maybe want to know how i made my pastasalad? because i….nomnom….assure it is super #healthy summery screaming fresh YUMMY!!!!!! 😍 overeasy to do and it's ready in ten minutes, just let me know and when i'm back tonight i'm writing the simple recipe i didn't invent for sure it's a widely known flavor combo everyone made better than me😍 😍! 🙏🏻💙 🤗 #onthetable #eatwhatyouare #eattherainbow #foodstyle #foodblog #foodforsoul #foodart #personalnotperfect #foodlove #realfood #nourish #intuitiveeating #foodshare #instagood #mindfuleating #nofilter #foodpassion #thefeedfeed #huffposttaste #instafood #foodporn #topitalianfood #storytelling #foodblogger #happyisthenewhealthy #foodphotography #lifestyle

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Pare che io sia il boss dell'intellighenzia universale.

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